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Interactive Technologies is a world-class producer of professional lighting controls for the Architectural, Entertainment, Stage and Studio markets. From the most awe-inspiring entertainment spectacle to the most basic residential installation, Interactive Technologies has the control solution. Product families include a wide array of stand-alone show playback devices and architectural lighting controls, LCD touch screens, button stations, and DMX interfaces



Control Solutions

CueServer is the most comprehensive combination of stand-alone show playback, architectural features, show control and clever programming environment in a single, easy-to-use package.

CueServer easily controls DMX controlled lighting fixtures commonly found on building exteriors, in foyers, ballrooms, convention halls, and in other decorative architectural lighting projects.
Architectural lighting cues can be triggered by CueServer's built-in clock on any time of the day, on any day of the week, and each day of the year. 
CueServer can be used to provide simple playback for a small group of DMX controlled lighting fixtures or can be programmed to coordinate an entire show control routine that involves up to 32 universes of lighting, external devices, timers, user-interface triggers, timecode synchronization and much more.

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Standalone Control

SceneStation sets a new standard for full-featured, easy to use, cost-effective DMX lighting control.

Perfect for restaurants, high-end residential, trade show booths, and more, SceneStation can control nearly any DMX device (RGB fixtures, moving lights, dimmers, effects, etc.), while also remaining very simple for the end user.

Instead of only offering the ability to play back a few simple presets, SceneStation can be programmed to run shows using up to 64 steps and use powerful preset effect engine to create dynamic looks.

Each button can be programmed with advanced features like running chases, sequential scenes, toggle and momentary functions, and more. 

Additionally, each button includes fully-programmable RGB backlighting and button caps can be optionally engraved with custom legends.

2.4GHz wireless module allows individual SceneStation units to establish a link between each other for using multiple stations in a single project.



Customisable App for iPod/iPhone & iPad

CuePad is a remote control application for the CueServer series of DMX Lighting and Show Control Processors from Interactive Technologies.
With CuePad you can create multiple layouts of customizable buttons and/or sliders. Each button can operate as a remote CueServer button trigger or it can run a CueScript macro. Sliders can operate DMX channels, groups, or a submaster. CuePad can also provide live LED indicator feedback on the buttons as well. Each layout can control different CueServers on your local network or remotely access a CueServer on a remote network.


Insite Touchscreen

  • All Glass & Aluminium Bezel in White or Black

  • Super Responsive High-Resolution True Color Display

  • Landscape or Portrait Mounting

  • Power-over-Ethernet or DC Input

  • Drag & Drop Programming within CueServer Studio

  • Interfaces Accessible from Any Device, Anywhere

Insite Touchscreen
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